Hazardous Area HMI Panels and Touch Screens

HMI – Human Machine Interface
Stahl HMI products

HMIs, (Human Machine Interface), HMI panels and touch screens, are used in both industrial and hazardous area environment applications as a fast, safe and effective way for users to interact with their machines and optimize their processes. Utilizing a single console, HMI platforms to communicate with PLCs and I/O sensors, HMI systems enable you to centralize and display data to improve and monitor processes as well as diagnosing problems to reduce downtime caused by lack of information or human error.

We offer the full line of Stahl Human Machine Interface platforms, some of which can be universally used in process and machine operation, as well as fully certified devices suitable for worldwide operation in hazardous and extreme conditions such as chemical, oil, and gas, or pharmaceutical industries.

HMI Panels – Industrial Process Industries

Reliable HMI touch screen system solutions for all areas of application.

HMI Panels – Oil & Gas Industries

Rugged human machine interface panel platforms ideally suited for onshore and offshore applications.