Ex Industries specializes in cables for use in hazardous environments. Not only do we sell these cables, we also understand the application of them.

  • Usage

    For ATEX or IEC applications we offer instrumentation, control and power cables to BS/EN 50228-7, NEK 606, BS 6883, BS 5308, BS 5467 and many other standards.

    For use in North American Class and Divisions/Zones we offer MCHL and all of the NEC Division 2 cables. For Offshore/Shipboard applications we sell the IEEE 45, Type P cables.

    We can also show you how to apply the correct cable glands.

BFOUi cable product
For Use in ATEX/IEC Applications
MC-HL cable product
For Use in NEC Applications
TECK90 cable product
For Use in Canada (CEC)
P-01 cable product
For Use in North America Shipboard & Offshore