Hawke Cable Glands

For more than 60 years, Hubbell’s Hawke cable glands have been distinguished for their superb quality, focus on safety and easy installation. Hawke has recently introduced their new range of cable glands that surpass the features their customers have come to expect and respect, plus a few new extras added that will make installation, inspection and maintenance even easier than ever before.

Hawke Cable Glands’ New Features

  • Patented Tightening Guide
    The Hawke patented tightening guide reduces the chance of glands being over or under tightened. The guide is now integrated in all Hawke glands, as standard!
  • Fully Inspectable Glands with NEC Certification
    Hawke’s non-metallic, fully inspectable barrier gland has gained NEC certification, meaning it is the only non-metallic gland approved for use in the US.
  • New Gland Conversion Kit
    Hawke gives its customers the option to convert a standard Exd 501/453/Universal Gland to an ICG/653/Universal Barrier Gland with the purchase of a simple kit. The kit is available in two forms, either a two-part hand mix putty or a liquid, fast curing resin, ensuring suitable solutions for any situation.
  • Three Alternative Solutions for Exd Barrier Glands
    Hawke is the only manufacturer that offers three sealing options! This means unique benefits that are unrivaled by other manufacturers.
  • Protection from Water and Dust Penetration
    Protection ratings include IP66, which withstands high waterjet pressure, and IP67/68, which tests the product as it is submerged in water. We have also added IP69 protection, assuring our glands can withstand high pressure steam cleaning.

Why Choose Hawke Cable Glands?

All Hawke Cable Glands Meet, and in most cases, exceed the test requirements for products used in potentially hazardous areas. With over 60 years of experience manufacturing cable termination products for the most arduous environments, and a reputation built off safety and reliability, Hawke International cable glands offer the safest, most cost-effective cable gland products available today. With a global network of offices and distribution partners, we can offer unrivalled technical support, offering peace of mind to installers and owners alike.

What are cable glands?

Cable glands are a mechanical sealing and termination device to bring cable into equipment for power, control, instrumentation & automation systems.

Where are cable glands used?

They are used throughout a number of industries such as oil & gas, communications, food and beverage, water and wastewater, defense industrial base, along with many other locations.

Why should one care about cable gland quality?

Quality of cable glands are essential when terminating cables in hazardous or harsh environments where ingress protection, sealing and grounding is necessary to safely bring cable into an enclosure. Not only do they provide strain relief, but they prevent cables from twisting or being pulled out of their enclosure.

Why EXI offers the Hawke line of cable glands?

Hawke has been around for over 60 years and have built a reputation as industry leaders in some of the world’s most severe environments. They do not sacrifice quality, strength or reliability in an ever demanding range of industries. They exceed all industry standards and are globally certified for use worldwide.

Pricing and Ordering

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Our Most Popular Cable Glands

501/453 Universal Cable Gland – Hawke

Flameproof Exdb, Increased Safety Exeb, Restricted Breathing ExnR, Dust Extb ATEX/IECEx/EAC/cCSAus/INMETRO

ICG 653/Universal Cable Gland – Hawke

Flameproof Exd / Increased Safety Exe / Dust Extb barrier type cable gland for armoured cable


Explosion Proof / Flameproof Exd / Increased Safety Exe and Restricted Breathing ExnR barrier type cable gland for interlocking steel Metal Clad MC and Teck type cable. Hawke.

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